Web to Print Technology

Our own Cognitu web to print solution and production MIS system provides the essential and robust foundations to our service.

Our programmers and developers are in-house giving us the flexibility to respond immediately and specifically to customer needs. Whether designing the functionality of web to print to include a Chinese translation routine, or to design electronic integration services into our clients' MIS platforms, the team is here to provide an expert, tailored and low-cost development service.

Ivor Solution was using web to print before the term had officially been coined. Since then, the system and the service has constantly been updated to meet customer needs including numerous enhancements.

Hosted online with 24/7 accessibility, Cognitu is available as a standalone web to print service, liberating customers from a single production source.

More information about Cognitu as a standalone web to print provider can be found at www.cognitu.com.

'The expertise is astounding and their track record for implementing even the most complex web to print solutions is second to none.'
'I would not have thought is possible to handle so many unique orders per day without dropping the ball once..It truly is a remarkable service and has provided an excellent component of our offering to corporate clients.'

Designed with our trade customers and their corporate clients in mind, Cognitu's hierarchical structure enables our client systems to closely match organisational purchasing routines, resulting in a seamless service. Artwork from the system can be used for in-house production at Ivor Solution or can be instantly trafficked to a 3rd party printer.