Ivor Solution is fully committed to providing all our services in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We are constantly investigating new ways to ensure that our business is conducted in the most positive and sustainable way for the environment.

Quality and Enviromental Policy

Ivor Solution's method of printing through Web2print is dramatically more efficient than traditional print processes, and therefore has an inherently lower impact to the environment than traditional forms of print:

  Each item is produced quicker and with less resources.
  It saves on faxes and e-mails.
  It's targeted, so only items that are needed to be printed are produced each time.
  Brand control across multi-branch organisations means that the print is right first time and reduces reprints.
  Templates can be changed and updated easily so rebrands are organised efficiently.
  Digital printing has less paper and water wastage compared to litho printing.


We gained our ISO14001 Environmental accreditation in 2011 which has helped us make even more improvements and savings in key areas. Having the accreditation gives us the tools to create a system to look at where we can reduce our environmental impact in all areas of our business.

Since having the award we have addressed the environmental impact of other areas of our business reducing wastage and spoilage by 10%.


In 2010 we were awarded the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) Chain of Custody Certification®. This gives us the ability to question the whole supply chain and monitor where our paper comes from right down the forest that the tree grew in.

Therefore our clients are able to make informed choices about the paper and boards they use.


To address our contribution to climate change, Ivor Solution has been part of the Carbon Smart award scheme since 2010, and was promoted to the Silver award in 2011. Being Carbon Smart means taking an intelligent and flexible approach to reducing the company's carbon footprint.

The Carbon Smart award certifies the practical actions taken to actively reduce environmental impact. This award makes improving environmental performance part of the everyday running of the business.


Paper wastage - We recycle all discarded paper, and have been committed to reducing the amount we waste. During 2011, we reduced our paper waste by 10% and continued the trend in 2012.

Considering we buy over one tonne of paper per month, this makes quite an impact!