Our Customers

Ivor Solution is a trade supplier. We work principally through intermediaries, particularly office supplies companies and print managers.

Our in-house developers are expert at building web services and integration routines between our ordering systems and our clients.

Creating effective print ordering solutions for end clients, quickly, with minimum fuss and allowing full visibility for the intermediary.

When support or intervention is required, we have an extensive and well-equipped technical team on hand to ensure our clients' issues are dealt with immediately.

A problem can cost more than the job itself. Our team takes that cost from you.

Our Cognitu web to print system is designed to support corporate purchasing requirements.

The flexible structure ensures the systems closely match organisational purchasing routines as efficiently as possible.

Promotional and training materials provided for our intermediary customers to promote online template-based ordering to their clients, and maximise the benefits of web to print solutions.

Our equipment acquisition strategy is driven by the need to produce small print orders quickly.

Digital print and direct imaging technology is complemented by a wide range of quick-set up, short run finishing equipment.


Intermediaries can struggle to make a margin out of small print orders particularly when all the cost of administering the order and dealing with queries is added in.


Ivor Solution wants to make sure small orders don't distract you from the day job. We're expert at cutting waste out of the small order process: this helps us and it will also help you.


Making sure everyone makes money from small print orders requires expertise and focus. Processes need to be automated, costs need to be cut yet service needs to remain impeccable.