Cognitu's underpinning technology is continuously improving to ensure that its functionality equals if not exceeds best in market.

Designed and developed for direct ordering by corporate clients, Cognitu addresses key issues of security, budget and audit trails, brand compliance and ease of use. More details are provided in the diagram below.

Flexible template dynamics

  • sophisticated auto-populate functionality
  • multiple update field capability
  • flexible, modular development interface for more intuitive use
  • easier and more interactive user interface

Advanced administrative tools

  • user definition tools for information and profiles
  • catalogue access definitions for simpler operations

Variety in product types

  • Stock ordering system built in
  • Print on demand ordering options

Full reporting & audit trail

  • all user operations fully audited
  • user driven report functionality

Data management tools

  • increased system intelligence from enhanced data storage
  • auto-populate functionality for profiles and product templates
  • bulk change capability for improved accuracy and efficiency
  • data linkages for more robust system management

Built-in notification/alert systems

  • fully customisable email/alert systems
  • user-defined alert type e.g. attachment format

Customer hierarchy management

  • single log-in defined profiles and workflows
  • clearer audit trail and reporting
  • user-specific training ('need to know' basis)
  • delegate tasks whilst maintaining full system control

Supply chain management through 'roles'

  • suppliers e.g. translators given defined roles
  • routines defined for roles for more complex workflow requirements

Security enhancements

  • SSL certificate available
  • build in password integrity routines e.g. rules and re-set schedules
  • closely defined and flexible permissions hierarchy 'need to know'

Improved local brand assertion

  • branded
  • site html is fully customisable